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Welcome to Temple Israel - Celebrating it's 103rd Year

Temple Israel is a very active Jewish community!  We have weekly Shabbat services and many interesting programs on our calendar.  We are accepting new members and would welcome the opportunity to meet you!

For over a century, our Congregation has been at the forefront of modern, progressive Reform Judaism. There are many facets to our uniqueness.

Temple Israel is a place of prayer and a place of education. But it is also a place of congregation - a "Bet K'nesset" - in many forms. Our members are attracted to Temple Israel from a wide geographic area throughout northwest Indiana and Chicago.

Members think of Temple Israel in terms of Community; a Jewish ethos, a Jewish extended home. The Temple Israel vision embraces all people in all circumstances. We are a congregation open to new ideas - flexible - inclusive.

Judaism is a "living religion" to be studied, evolve as the world changes. Temple Israel is the home of our vibrant religion. Our egalitarian services are an example of this vibrancy. Hebrew and English are used interchangeably; tallit and kippot are worn... or not; prayers are sung in melodies as old as our faith, as new and fresh as tomorrow. Engaging and often humorous sermons are many times the start of discussions between congregants. Temple Israel captures the essence of Judaism, our "living religion"

Our Peace and Justice Seder will be held on Saturday, April 19th beginning at 6:30 p.m. Please check our Calendar for specifics and plan to attend.

Did you miss Trivia Night? If so, take a look at what you missed! A great time was had by all!

Trivia Night


Your contribution to the Temple Israel Continuity Fund helps to ensure the continuity of our Temple. Your donation goes directly into our general fund and is used for expenses. For a mimimun donation of $5.00, you can honor someone for a joyous or sad occasion. Lovely cards are sent to your honorees.

When you contribute, you also honor Temple Israel.