Czech Memorial Scroll MST#55


Temple Israel Gary is the proud home of MST#55, one of the 1564 Czech Memorial Sifre Torah.  According to the Memorial Scrolls Trust in London, England, the Czech Memorial Sifre Torah were part of the treasures which were saved by being collected in Prague during the Nazi occupation in 1939-1945 from the desolated Jewish communities of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia.  MST#55 is on permanent loan from the Memorial Scrolls Trust in London.  You can find more information about Memorial Scrolls Trust at

Temple Israel Gary uses MST#55 at least annually for High Holiday services and occasionally for other Torah services throughout the year.



The Torah cover was designed by one of Temple Israel’s members and local artist, Ruth Rosloff, and stitched by member Jo Ann Lieberman. The cover was dedicated by the Rothenberg Family in memory of their daughter Julie Rothenberg.


The Czech Scroll that we house at Temple Israel provides an important link from our Jewish Community in Gary to the destroyed Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic during the Holocaust.  It serves as a reminder of our history and perseverance.  It was the action of the Jewish community that these scrolls were saved and could be passed on to congregations around the world.