Rabbi Robin Damsky will lead several classes throughout the year on various topics. These classes are usually held on Sundays accompanied by an extravagant, complimentary brunch.

We also host speakers on diverse topics such as music, education, veterans, politics, and of course, food always is part of the program!

We have shown movies and had interfaith discussions afterwards, had speakers on music of the depression, alternative high schools and discipline, democracy in practice in Brazil. Jews and Jewish music around the world, hosting women of various faiths and heard their stories of how they can unite and bond, gardening and drip irrigation systems, and many more. We have taken field trips to museums, the beach, the dunes, parks, and a bison farm. We have attended services of various faiths and also had various religions attend and participate in our services. Some of our members represent us at the local city council meetings and interfaith council. We have held local candidates forum and voter registration drives. We know that education is on-going and comes in various forms and we are always looking to further our knowledge.

Chai Mitzvah

In 2019, we will be embarking on a journey of Jewish learning with Chai Mitzvah. Please check the calendar for upcoming dates and times. To learn more about the program, check out this video, visit the Chai Mitzvah website, or email us at templeisraelmiller@gmail.com.